How Am I Graded?

Grading will be done according to the district-wide grading standards for Intermediate Schools using  the Evidence-Based Grading System (3+, 3,2,1, NE)  

What Does The Rubric For Assessment Look Like?

How Do I Make Up Missed Classes?  

Each week is one unit that will be graded.  Mondays (for 6th grade only), Tuesdays, and Wednesdays are normally practice days to learn the weekly objectives.  Thursdays are normally the  assessment day for the objectives that tie to one of the State Standards.  No make up is necessary for the practice days, but make up for the Thursday assessments can be done by going to the make up page.  Please note that if make up is NOT done, there will simply be no grade given for that unit. 

How Do I Receive Higher Than a "3" for an Evidence Based Grade?

For each unit, there will be an opportunity to teach or apply what they have learned to a real-world situation.  Go to the 3+  page and follow the instructions.  Please note that in order to receive a 3+, all assessments (or make up assessments) must also show at least a 3.