Health Strand 1, Day 3


  • To define and explore a growth mindset to help achieve goals

  • To apply social skills in getting to know people and keeping a conversation going

  • To define and explore the concept of resiliency and apply it to achieving goals

  • Watch on Growth Mindset. Answer these questions:

    • What is a growth mindset? What is a fixed mindset?

    • How can having a growth mindset help you as you are setting achieving goals?

  • Read Page 71-73. Highlight the answers to these questions:

    • How can a person get over being shy or anxious around others?

    • How can being friendly to others by giving them compliments help to boost your self image?

  • Read pages 74 with your table groups. Highlight ideas that will help you in conversing with others.

    • Do the speed-friend activity out in the hallway.

  • Define Resiliency: "the capacity to withstand or to recover quickly from difficulties"

Weeble Wobbles: No matter how hard they fall, they get back up.