Health, Strand 1, Day 4


  • To learn how to be assertive when conflict arises.

  • To understand how to maintain balance in life by using the wellness pyramid.

  • To use the wellness pyramid to set goals that are challenging.

  • First 5 minutes:

    1. Write Definitions on page 78 in your Green Book for:

Assertiveness: Calmly and firmly standing up for your rights without infringing on the rights of others

Passiveness: Accepting something without resistance

Aggressive: Acting in a hostile manner that may infringe on others' rights

  • Have students draw the Wellness Pyramid on the inside cover of their Green Book

    • Health: absence of physical illness and disease

    • Wellness: Balance of all three areas in the wellness pyramid

Quote of the Day: "Just because they say it's impossible doesn't mean you can't do it" Roger Bannister

Race of the Century: Watch 4:30-6:30