Health, Strand 2, Day 1


  • To define and discuss stress, anxiety, and depression

  • To identify, describe, and provide coping techniques for individual stressors (both stress and eustress)

First 10 minutes: Meet in the Little Theater for Guided Imagery Relaxation

Daily Quotation: "Anxiety is nothing more than repeatedly experiencing failure in advance."

Write the definitions for the following terms on page 56 in your books:

  • Stress: Any type of change that causes physical, emotional or psychological strain

  • Distress: Negative stress

  • Eustress: Positive stress

  • Anxiety: a feeling of stress, nervousness, uneasiness, or apprehensiveness

  • Depression: Sadness, discouragement or despair over a long period of time.

Videos on Anxiety:

  • What are some triggers to anxiety?

  • What are some ways to cope with anxiety?

Quietly do pages 58 and 59 in your books. Talk about them with your table buddies

Story about Jessie Owens and Luz Long in the 1936 Olympics (Overcoming stress)