Changing Out & the Locker Room

What Do I Wear For PE?

  • A PE Uniform consists of a white or light grey t shirt, black shorts, socks, and shoes that can be laced up tight. We suggest getting a uniform from the front office, but it is not required to purchase from the school. Expensive athletic clothes are not advised because they could get dirty or even ripped during activity. We also require each student to write their first name and last name initial on the front of their PE shirt (about two inch letters). We would advise that their name be written somewhere on the shorts. Please keep in mind that this is a coed class and tight-fitting clothes, tank tops, or short-shorts are not appropriate in this setting. It is also not appropriate to wear a hoodie or have anything in your pockets during the workout at the beginning of class. Students may grab jackets or hoodies on their way outside after the workout.

  • We ask students to take home their PE clothes at the end of each week to have them washed. Because it is not always possible to wash clothes on the weekends, we suggest that the students have a backup uniform. If the backup does not conform to the regular uniform standards, have your student tell the teacher that it is a backup uniform (and not what they wore to school!) and they will not be docked participation points for that day.

Am I Expected to Change Out Every Day?

Sixth Graders are expected to change out each Monday, Tuesday, Wednesdays, and Thursdays. With the shortened schedule, it will normally not be necessary to change out on Fridays. Seventh graders will change out on Tuesdays, Wednesdays, and Thursdays. They will be in the Health classroom on most Mondays and Fridays.

Does It Affect My Grade If I Choose Not To Change Out?

For those who choose to not change out on the designated days, points will be deducted from their responsibility grade (Which is Strand 4- Cooperative Skills and Positive Personal Behavior). See the grading page for more information.

Are There Showers and Changing Stalls in the Locker Rooms?

There are showers and changing stalls in the locker rooms. The showers are not required, but available for you to use for hygiene purposes. The changing stalls are available for additional privacy while changing. Please be respectful to those using the showers or changing stalls by giving them personal space. There are also restrooms in the locker rooms. Please do not use the restrooms for changing stalls.

What is Not Allowed in the Locker Rooms?

The locker rooms need to be a safe place. It should be a place for changing clothes and not much else. If you choose to not change out for the day, you should not be in the locker rooms. The following things are not allowed in the locker room:

  1. Horseplay, loud noises, or the throwing of any objects

  2. Cell Phones or Backpacks (Cellphones should be off and in your backpack, not in your pocket! Backpacks are to be placed in front row of the bleachers in the gym)

  3. Using another student's personal items without their permission

  4. The spraying of any fragrances in the air

  5. Glass bottles of any kind

  6. Candy, food, or drinks other than water

  7. Electronics or other expensive items

  8. Bullying, name-calling, or intimidation of any kind

How Long Do I Have To Change Out Each Day?

Because the locker room is to only be used for changing clothes and using the restroom, we limit the amount of time students are in there to reduce problems and increase safety. Students are given 4 minutes to change into PE clothes and 5 minutes to change back into school clothes.

When Are the Locker Rooms Open To Drop Off Or Pick Up Clothes?

The Locker Rooms will be open before school from 7:30-7:40 and after school from 2:00-2:10. The locker rooms are not open during lunch or between classes.