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Physical Education Disclosure Statement


Course Description:

This course follows the guidelines of the Utah State Core Curriculum for Physical Education. It can be found at http://www.schools.utah.gov/ 

Teachers:  Katie Cave, Doug Jenson

Email: katie.cave@washk12.org, doug.jenson@washk12.org

Class: 6th Grade PE, 7th Grade PE

Phone: (435) 652-4772 ext 4257, 4258


Class Policies

Lockers/locker rooms


Specifics of Learning Targets and GVC will be linked through PowerSchool and/or Schoology. 

                                Proficiency Scale



In addition to level 3 performance, demonstrates an IN-DEPTH understanding through application and/or teaching of the standard/skill by submitting extension form.



MEETS defined expectations of the standard/skill.



IDENTIFIES and RECALLS vocabulary and independently demonstrates isolated details of the standard/skill.



With ASSISTANCE, is able to meet the basic elements of a 2 and 3 for the standard/skill.


No Evidence

Extended absence or outright refusal

Students will be graded based on proficiency in the Utah Core State Standards for Physical Education (linked above). They will be graded by the following:

o Academic Grade: fitness testing (based on effort and improvement), written tests, workout quizzes, visual assessments on skill effort and improvement, and other oral quizzes/assessments.

o  Participation/Effort: Strand 4 of our standards pertains to developing cooperative skills and positive personal behavior through communication and respect for self and others. This strand will be graded according to participation, personal responsibility, dressing down each day, and sportsmanship. The students will start the term with 41 points. A point total at the end of the term of 40 will be scored a 4, a point total of 30-39 will be scored a 3, a point total of 20-29 will be scored a 2, a point total of 10-19 will be scored a 1, and a score of 0-9 will be given an NE.

Point deductions will include:

After reading the disclosure for PE and for Health, please fill out this form:      Disclosure