7th Grade 

Physical Education

PE STRAND 1 (MM):  Motor Skills and Movement (Quarters 1 & 3)

Students will achieve a level of competency in motor skills and movements patterns

PE STRAND 2 (MP): Movement and Performance (Quarters 1 & 3)

Students will apply knowledge to attain movement and performance

PE STRAND 3 (F): Healthy Level of Fitness 

(Quarters 2 & 4)

Students will understand the components necessary to maintain a healthy level of fitness to support engagement in physical activity.

PE STRAND 4 (CP) Cooperative Skills & Positive Personal Behavior (Quarters 1, 2,3, & 4)

Students will develop cooperative skills and positive personal behavior and respect

PE STRAND 5 (WP) Wellness & Personal Value of Physical Activity (Quarters 2 & 4)

Students will appraise the personal value of physical activity as a tool for wellness and appropriate interaction.

International Sports 


Lifetime Sports 

Lifetime Recreation 

Additional Activities (Optional)